Updated Friday May 11, 2018 by Plainfield Jr Cats.


•PJC Cheer program is for children kindergarten – 8th grade. 

•Each cheerleader will be assigned a team of coaches to help the player have fun and advance their skill set for the season.

•Every cheerleader that is registered will make a squad, there are no try-outs.

•All squads are organized by age and matched to one or more football teams.  Every effort possible is made to match cheer and football siblings when they are in the same age group.

•Squads practice up to three days a week for the older age brackets and two days a week for the younger brackets.

•All practices are decided by the volunteer coaching staff.

•Cheer Summer Camp will take place in July or August each year.

•Games will be Saturday, Sunday or Monday night.

•Rosters and schedules will be posted as soon as possible in August.

•Cost of registration includes: Cheer camp, PJC personalized warm-up jacket, briefs, Bodysuit, PJC uniform (must be returned at the end of the season) and poms (to be kept in the coach’s bag and returned at the end of the season).  Additional costs will include: Cheer shoes. 

Purchase of warm-up pants are optional and organized by the coaches. 

Coaches may also ask for donations towards materials for hair bows and October Breast Cancer Awareness Month socks/leg warmers/shoe laces.